Just the other day I was talking with my mom about the pageant I’m a part of, which is called, Miss Teenage Canada (missteenagecanada.com) or MTC. Back when she was a teenager, there was actually a pageant also known as Miss Teenage Canada that she, and many others, were aware of and would often watch on CTV. However, we knew that the two weren’t exactly the same and we were confused to say the least! WELL, I finally have all the answers!

The first Miss Teenage Canada pageant started in 1969, and took on this title for three years and eventually was renamed Miss Teen Canada in 1972. This pageant ran for years, but was shut down in late 1990 due to financial concerns. This is the pageant our parents know, but not the same MTC we know today!

Since then, numerous other Canadian teen pageants have been created and therefore, many similar titles.

So… Which one is the REAL Miss Teen Canada

Answer: There is no real MTC! 

The new Miss Teenage Canada (formerly called Miss Teen Canada-World or MTC-W) is the pageant I am currently a part of, and is the largest pageant in all of Canada. It is a completely different company from the one our parents knew years ago! The current one and only Miss Teenage Canada is the only pageant with preliminary provincial pageants all over the country, the largest prize, most media coverage (MuchMusic Live, Breakfast Television, Shaw TV, local newspapers, etc.), and a celebrity panel of judges (Gail McInnes, Matthew Collins, Belinda Kiriakou, Degrassi’s Sarah Fisher, and more)! It is also the closest pageant to the commonly known, Miss Teen USA, in terms of title.

2011 Miss Teenage Canada Finalists on Breakfast Television

One of the prizes for Miss Teenage Canada is a Me to We trip to Kenya! Miss Teenage Canada is affiliated with the amazing foundation, Free The Children. Each delegate attending nationals must raise a minimum of $400 in order to proceed in the competition. I joined with my high school and we raised hundreds over the minimum and I wasn't the only one! Altogether, Miss Teenage Canada raised thousands of dollars for FTC every year!


There were many reasons why I decided to apply for Miss Teenage Canada over the other Canadian pageants. For one, I had always seen the ads on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MissTeenageCanada) and did my regular website creeping every year, haha! I wanted to apply for years actually, ever since I was about 14 years old, but never did. I just felt a little too nervous and just wasn’t sure I was ready quite yet. Although I was involved in dancing and acting which can be compared to pageants in some ways, I honestly just didn’t know what to expect! Especially because there are so many aspects of pageantry that are put in a bad light.

However, one thing I can definitely tell you about Miss Teenage Canada is that it is not your typical beauty pageant!

Miss Teenage Canada‘s central motto is to, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”, wanting young women to embrace their own true beauty rather than comparing themselves to others! The team at MTC-W not only want girls to feel confident in their own skin, but also stand for maintaining healthy lifestyles, and being an intelligent, kind, and respectful representative of the age group. The pageant delegates are made up of girls in their teens with brains and beauty, who all want to make an impact on the world in various different ways. Every delegate I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thus far has exemplified all of these traits, and I have even come out of the experience with great new friends and new found knowledge based on their own platforms 🙂 Throughout the course of the pageant from prelims to nationals, us girls are given responsibilities that allow us to learn valuable organization skills, as well as the rewards of staying determined and diligent. Even in the short time that I have been Miss Teen Surrey, I have learned a great deal! Miss Teenage Canada has really shaped me into a young woman who is encouraged to persevere and follow my greatest aspirations. We are given opportunities that act as a stepping stone to our future endeavours, and give us the confidence we need to grow into women ready to face the world.

Miss Teenage Canada Pageant 2009

If I were to be crowned as Miss Teenage Canada, there are so many things I would love to do. One of my goals is to speak at Free The Children’s We Day, because I would be speaking directly to a huge arena FULL of amazing young people who all strive to make a change! My personal platform is to raise awareness for mental health concerns and suicide in teens, so I want to take every opportunity I can to speak out about these topics and eliminate the current stigma surrounding them. I want to make it a requirement in the Canadian school curriculum that students, teachers, and parents are given adequate education on common mental illnesses like depression, which is unfortunately common in teenagers today. People should never suffer in silence, and if we can eliminate the stigma and improve this generation’s knowledge of mental illness, I believe we can reduce the suicide rate greatly. I think that given the opportunity of holding the title of Miss Teenage Canada, I can bring attention to this topic. I am also a strong advocate of the respect and acceptance of the LGBTQ community! A person should never be discriminated because of their race or sexuality. I think that having representatives of Canada stand up for LGBTQ rights says so much about Canada and the freedom we have to be true to the people we are! The more representation we have, the more people listen, which then leads to more discussion and acceptance. 🙂


Miss Teenage Canada 2012 Megha Sandhu at We Day


Hopefully, you come out of this blog post knowing a little bit more about the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, and even a little bit about me 🙂

If you are interested, or know someone interested in applying for Miss Teenage Canada, here are some links to get you in the know!!






Thank you for reading, my friends!!

Until next time,


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