Helloooo from Toronto, friends!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, unfortunately I can’t post any photos to the blog posts because it doesn’t work on my iPad… BUT I will link you to my Facebook page and you can see all of the photos from there 🙂

Toronto. Is. Amazing. And to be totally honest with you, it isn’t too different from Vancouver! Often times when we’re downtown I forget I’m even in Toronto because the vibe and energy is so similar. What I love about city life is that constant buzz generating through the streets, and let me tell you this: Toronto is FULL OF IT!

My flight here was rather good! Aashi (Miss Teen Southern BC) and I were coincidentally one seat away from each other on the plan here, so we weren’t entirely alone for our first “alone flight”, which was actually comforting to be honest with you 🙂 Calmed the nerves for sure! While waiting at my gate for the flight (and before I even realized Aashi was flying with me), I actually got into the sweetest conversation with a woman who was waiting for the same flight. We talked about the pageant and she took great pride in the fact that she got to watch my crown and evening gown as I briefly left to go to the bathroom, HAHA. If it’s any consolation, she’s an amazing guard! She actually found me on Twitter a day later and tweeted me which just made me so happy 🙂 What a sweet person!

Day 1: When we arrived in TO, it was awesome to be reunited with all of the girls from BC. It was seriously such a neat experience, especially because not too long after, I got to meet ALL of the girls at the MTC Welcome Party. The Welcome Party provided us with pizza (that’s when you know it’s gonna be good), and introduced us to four of our main sponsors of the pageant. We tested products out (Motives Cosmetics), tried on shoes (Hi-Tec Footwear), learned all about spray tans (Golden Glamour Goddesses), and even got massages (Wright Spa Mobile Services)! I think the best part for me personally was meeting all of the delegates though. We had been talking non-stop online for at least a week prior to the pageant, so putting faces to names (and Facebook profile pictures) added a whole new level of excitement to the meeting! The girls are so amazing. Over the past few days, I’ve really gotten to know a good handful of the girls. It’s really inspiring to see such a big group of teenage girls all be passionate about different things, and to just chat with them and understand why and when that passion started. I also met my hotel roomie, Brittany! SHE IS THE BEST. I don’t know how Michelle did it, but Britt and I are two peas in a pod. Twenty minutes into our first conversation, we knew more about each other than we would ever have expected! Plus, we both guiltily watch Degrassi religiously and shared some major fangirling over Luke Bilyk. Y’know, typical teenage girl bonding.

Day 2: On the second day, we were thrown right into the world of MTC! This day was jam-packed with fun activities that truly made you feel like a pageant princess. First, we got into hair and makeup early in the morning (courtesy of Motives Cosmetics), then we had our video shoot, and our photo shoot, THEN we did the interview portion of the pageant! I can’t even express how fun all of this was. Nerve-wracking? Heck yes. But after a little while, I got into the swing of things and embraced my inner sponge… Okay, weird explanation, but what I’m trying to say is that I was absorbing everything I could. We also met Lauren Howe and Jillian Martin, who are both past year Miss Teen Canadas! Jill is our reigning title-holder, so she has been chilling with us for a few days now, guiding us through the experience just as Lauren did on Day 2 as well. We also have the lovely and super nice, Courtney (past Miss Teen Manitoba) helping out as a chaperone, and she is so incredibly wonderful to have around, and I commend her for her fab organization skills. I don’t know how the chaperones corral 55 excited teenage girls everyday, but do they ever do a good job!! This was an AMAZING day, to say the very least. Exhausting though… But that was only the beginning…

Day 3: The following day, it was an early wake-up for none other than… BREAKFAST TELEVISION! We had a pretty long feature on the show and I got to see how the show works behind-the-scenes! I give so much credit to those hosts. They are cool, calm, and collected 24/7. Meanwhile I was on camera for less than five minutes the day prior with my heart practically beating out of my nose. Weird visual, but the best explanation I’ve ever heard (courtesy of our choreographer, Sean). After, we had a great workshop with Schwarzkopf Professional back at the hotel. Two ladies came in and gave us valuable tips, tricks, AND goodies all about our hair! We also had a little competition against each other on which teams could recreate the best braid or bun hairstyles. It was totally fun and I learned that some girls can really do great hair! I don’t even understand fishtail braids for goodness sake… Props to them! Afterward, we left the hotel for my first trip to Yorkdale Mall. This mall really reminded me of Metrotown in Burnaby, but also a little bit of Pacific Centre, store-wise. Great mall all around! We actually received a $25 gift card for Bench and did a ton of mini-photoshoots with Polaroids in the store which was SO much fun. I had actually never shopped at Bench prior to this experience and let me tell you something: THEIR CLOTHES ARE INCREDIBLY COMFY. I felt like my blankie was made into shirts that I could wear everywhere in public. Yes, I still sleep with a blankie, Brittany is fully aware of this odd quirk by now… Bless her heart. After we shopped at Bench, we used our free Yorkdale $10 gift card for a delish dinner (mine was Booster Juice and their pesto chicken panini –classic healthy favourite) and we finally arrived back at the hotel for almost three hours of pageant rehearsal with our awesome choreographer, Sean. I seriously love this guy. AND to top it all off, our opening dance is to Wings by Little Mix! Fun fact: Us BC Delegates had Wings as our opening dance in prelims, and now three BC girls are leading the opening for nationals! YAY, MEMORIES.
So, these were the first three days of my Miss Teenage Canada journey! As I’m writing this post, Day 4 has already come to an end, but expect another blog post coming up soon, with all the details for days 4-6 🙂

Here is a link with all the photos posted on my Facebook page of these great days.

Thank you for reading!!

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