Hey, everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying your summer vacation as much as I have! Time is seriously flying by. I thought it was Christmas not too long ago, and already it’s sunny and we’ve passed the middle of July and… Oh, yeah! I’M HERE IN TORONTO FOR NATIONALS. I will be making blog posts, BUT there will be no pictures until I get ahold of a laptop unfortunately 🙁 I only have my iPad here in Toronto, and for whatever reason, I can’t put photos on my blog posts! I promise I’ll get them all prettied up with photos soon though or provide a link!

First things first, I’ll update you guys on some fun stuff I was up to prior to Nationals! Myself and a group of the BC delegates for Miss Teenage Canada joined me in the Canada Day parade in downtown Vancouver, which definitely was the highlight of the occasion. We met up late in the afternoon to decorate our awesome Mustangs (kindly donated to the event by Key West Ford), and took thousands of pictures! The best part about just the decorating alone was the fact that I got to see the BC delegates again. I love them so much, and technically Canada Day was only the third day I’d ever been with them. Hard to believe because we’re all already so close!

Number one thing about parades you don’t realize before you’re in one: Your cheeks HURT! You are smiling and waving the whole time! I can honestly tell you though, that you never fake a smile. The energy in downtown was so amazing and there were thousands of happy faces, to the point where it was honestly hard not to smile right back at them. My favourite part was waving to the little kids because you see them tug on their parents’ shirts like, “Look! She waved at me!!” Best. Thing. EVER!

All in all, Canada Day was a fantastic experience, and I wish I could do it again over and over! Thank you so much to Miss Teen Burnaby, Ariel Cao, for her brilliant skills in organization for making this happen!
Another amazing event I attended recently… The Surrey Pride Festival!

Every summer, Surrey holds a Pride Festival for the LGBTQ community in our city. I had the chance to volunteer and speak at the event, and it was such a fabulous day. As many of you know, I am extremely passionate about the acceptance of the LGBTQ community, and having the chance to speak, even just for a little while, made me so happy. A ton of people showed up to this event and I can honestly tell you: I am PROUD of my city. I not only met a ton of inspiring and fun personalities, but learned a lot, and took pictures with some of the cutest girls ever!

Thank you so much to the coordinators of this event because I never expected I would be a part of this festival. It honestly only inspired me to support the community further with my title, and try to make even more of an impact!
Thank you for reading, friends!! Expect some blog posts this week aaaall about Toronto! Things have been amazing and I am so ready to share with you all 🙂 I’m thinking of doing a blog post about every three days basically explaining what each day was like. Similar to my Facebook posts, just with a tad bit more detail for you!

Here is the link to the photos section of my Facebook page where you can see all of the photos from both events 🙂

Have a fab week!

-Vanessa Prasad

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