Are you interested in modeling? Do you watch America’s Next Top Model and think you can be the next Tyra? I have a solution!

Miss Teenage Canada has launched a new sister pageant that brings forth not only the tips you need to pursue pageantry, but more prominently: Modeling! This new pageant, Top Model Search Canada, is basically a fantastic first step and sneak peek into the modeling industry. The coordinators will select over 40 finalists from across the country to compete for the crown AND a modeling contract in the summer in Toronto —and that’s not all! The winner also becomes the next Miss Supranational Canada, and runners up become Miss Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International!

The stunning Miss Supranational Canada 2013, Suzette Hernandez!

Much like Miss Teenage Canada, throughout the process you meet a TON of amazing friends along the way, while also gaining valuable experience and in this competition’s case, adding to your portfolio. The winners for each year will meet with agents, travel, and start their modelling career on a fabulous note!

Now, because the coordinators are serious about the modelling aspect of things, there are some requirements for application. In order to apply, you must be between the ages of 17 and 26, while also being 5’7″ or taller! Unfortunately for folks like me (the shorties of the world), we aren’t usually what modelling agencies and casting directors are looking for. That’s okay, though!! If you are under the age of 19, you can join Miss Teenage Canada like this shortie right here 🙂

Another great aspect of this new competition: Top Model Search Canada applicants don’t need to have any major prior experience! That’s where the workshops come in. TMSC wants to guide you into your career, ensuring you’re as prepared and knowledgeable as you can be, so don’t you worry if you haven’t started quite yet.

I think Top Model Search Canada sounds like an amazing experience, and I would join, too! Well, maybe if I was about 7 inches taller… But c’est la vie! I hope that if you’re reading this and are interested in TMSC, that you apply! So far, Miss Teenage Canada has proven to be a fabulous experience and it hasn’t even begun yet, and I can only imagine how fantastic TMSC will be.

SO I say go for it, and follow your Top Model dream! Good luck to all of the future applicants of 2014/15 and enjoy this awesome opportunity!

Until next time (which will be later today, I’m sure!),


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